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From: Anthony
Subject: Family Friend This is a story about sex between consenting adults... Their sex is
unprotected for teen girls lolita site illustrative purposes, but you should always be safe. If
this is not to your liking, then read no further. If it turns you on, then
unzip, relax and stroke away because here it cums!
Back when I was a teenager, my dad was suddenly fired from his job
and was lucky enough to quickly find another one before any financial
hardships were felt. He worked for some sort of corporation, not sure
exactly what he did, but he ended up becoming really good friends with his
supervisor. His supervisor's name was Jeff Williams, who became a close
friend of the family, always coming over to eat dinner, or go on a fishing
trip with me and my dad, and other things. He was a really nice guy and
successful too. It was never a problem that he was my dad's supervisor
because he handled it really well and was never a jerk. He was a really
good looking guy too...same age as my dad, in his early forties, dark
shorter curly hair, trimmed mustache, tall (probably about 6'2"), olive
skin, and seemed pretty well built. We always cut up and joked around and
just got along really well. Eventually I went off to college, and decided
to come back home during the summer. Jeff eventually came by to hang out
with my dad, and hadn't known I would be coming to stay. He knocked on the
door and I answered it.Jeff: "Whoa, hey Tony! I didn't know you were home" Me: "Hey Jeff, yeah I
decided to come back home and stay with my parents for the summer." Jeff:
"Well good deal. Good to see you. It looks like the swim scholarship is
treating you nicely. You're looking really trim and fit." Me: "Thanks,
yeah I'm not missing having to practice so much." Jeff: "Well good. Just
have fun and relax...that's my motto." Me: "Sounds like a plan" (smiling)
Jeff: "Is your dad home?" Me: "He will be in about half an hour" Jeff: "I want to shoot some hot lollita girls pics hoops until then?" Me: "Sure, even though
you're about half a foot taller." (laughing) Jeff: "I'll go easy on you"
(smiling) I change into a tank top and shorts and grab the basketball. It's
decided we're going to play just some regular one-on-one. I start dribbling
the ball and turn my back to him to protect the ball. He comes up to guard
me, swatting at the ball. "Don't even think about stealing the ball,
Jeff. lola model nude 15 I've got skills. Haha," I say. He responds, "You're not even going to
get to the basket with me guarding you." He comes in further and really
guards me closely. I can feel his crotch slightly rub against my ass. I
keep dribbling and it seems as if he's still guarding even closer. I can
feel his soft cock pressing against me. Finally, I dribble pass and shoot
it up and score. "Make it, nude girl pic lolita take it, right?" I ask. "Sure, why not?" he
answers. I take the ball back out and bring it in again. He resumes his
hovering position on my backside. I break away and shoot up, but it hits
the rim and bounces away. Being taller, Jeff snags the rebound and takes it
back out. He dribbles in and turns away from me to protect the ball. I
notice his legs are pretty far apart so I try to slap the ball away by
going between his legs. I reach through and as I do, he moves slightly and
my hand accidentally rubs against his dick, but I do manage to knock the
ball away. "Hey now, that's not fair, you were distracting me," he
says. "It was an accident; I was going for the other ball, not
yours. Haha." He says, "It's still distracting and it's still my ball." We
continue playing and finish the game as my dad pulls in the driveway. "Good
game, Tony", Jeff says, slapping me playfully on the butt. "Yeah I'll beat
you next time." Jeff walks over and chats with my dad and I go inside. As
I'm changing, I start thinking about how I brushed Jeff's dick. Man, it was
pretty large for being soft. I wonder how big it is hard? Then, I'm
thinking why am I wondering about Jeff's cock? He is an attractive guy but
I've never been one to be attracted to guys. I pushed the thought out of my
mind and finished showering and changing.
A few days later, I walked down from a fresh shower and put on a
cut-off t-shirt and some cargo shorts over my baby blue boxer briefs. My
dad was stressing out over a bunch of paperwork at the kitchen table. "Hey
Tony, can you do me a favor? I need you to drive over to Jeff's house and
pick up some files I need to finish later on. Can you do that for me?"
"Yeah sure Dad. No problem. Just give me directions because I haven't been
to his new house." "Great, thanks son, I'll let him know you're coming." I
get directions and hop in my car and drive over to Jeff's house. As I pull
up in his driveway, I let out a slow whistle. "Wow! Now this is a house."
It's a large two-story mansion-esque type house....very expensive
looking. I get out of the car and walk up the sidewalk to the front door. I
ring the doorbell and hear the echoes of the ring throughout the house. I
can see pictures models lolitas kids a large silhouette of a man walking up through the glass of the
door. The door opens and Jeff is standing there. "Hey Tony, come on in." I
walk in and scan the inside of the house, looking around. The interior is
large and spacious with vaulted ceilings. "Well, what do you think of my
new house?" Jeff asks. "It's lola model nude 15 awesome man. I didn't know you did this well
at work." "I do ok," he responds, smiling, "follow me". I follow him and
notice he has on a tank top, somewhat short shorts, and wet dark hair so he
must have just gotten out of the shower. He motions to a room, "There's the
den...have a seat and I'll grab those files for your dad."
I walk in and look around. The room is basically a TV viewing room,
designed for relaxing. There's a leather wrap around couch, a fireplace, a
large 60" flat panel TV on the wall, speakers everywhere, and not too much
lighting. I free bbs teen lolita also notice a small cabinet close to where the TV is and walk
over to check it out. I open it up and notice just a bunch of blank VHS
tapes. Looking through some of them, I notice none of them have
labels. "Odd..." I thought. "I see you found my movie gallery" I hear from
behind me. I look around and Jeff had just walked into the room.Me: "Sorry, Jeff, I was just being nosy. Why don't any of these tapes have
labels?" Jeff: "Because this is my porn collection. I have them on
unlabeled tapes so when I grab one to watch, it'll be a surprise." Me:
"Good idea. It must be nice to have such a large collection. I think I
might maybe have one." Jeff: "Well I have plenty there. You're more than
welcome to borrow some and make copies." Me: "Yeah but I won't know what's
on them." Jeff: "Well, pop some in and preview them. free preteen bbs lolita I'll watch with you
to give you my opinion." Me: "Ok sure why not."I grab one and pop it in and hit play. Jeff lowers the lights some to
enhance the viewing experience. The first one opens up to a hot brunette
swallowing a huge cock while the guy eats her out. "Damn, I didn't realize
how long it's been since I've gotten laid," says Jeff, "Look how gorgeous
her tits are and how she's sucking the load right out of that cock. That's
hot." The couple starts fucking and the stud switches from pounding her
pussy to pounding her ass. "Man that has to be hurting her," I remark,
"especially as big as that dude's dick is." "No not really. If you do it
right it can be really pleasurable for the person getting fucked...and man
there's nothing like fucking a tight ass" Jeff comments. I look over and
notice a sizeable tent in Jeff's shorts. "That's it for this tape. Try
another" he tells model nude lolita boy me. I grab another and start it playing. This time it's a
blonde with huge tits and a nice round ass. In walks two studs, and she
drops to her knees and begins blowing both of their swollen tools. "Damn
those guys are lucky...I could really use a good blowjob," Jeff says. I
look over again and notice the head of his cock is poking out the leg of
his shorts now, and man is that thing huge! I look back at the screen and
now she's sucking one and getting fucked by the other. Jeff looks over and
says, "Are you straining as much as I am? I've got to let this thing free."
He pulls down his shorts, and reveals he wasn't wearing any underwear and
his cock is sticking straight up, swollen and hard, stretching to about 9.5
inches and really thick. "Do you mind?" he asks. "No man that's not a bad
idea." I pull my shorts and underwear off and my rock hard cock points
straight at me, growing to its full 8 inches. "Cool," Jeff says. He starts
stroking and his cock seems to grow even more. I stroke mine too watching
the two guys blow their loads all over the blonde's face.
"This one's done. I'll put in another," says Jeff. He grabs a tape
from the back and pops it in. He pulls his shirt off as he comes back to
the couch, making him fully naked. I decide to follow suit and pull my
shirt off. I notice he has a nice covering of curly hair across his chair
and stomach, his bush is trimmed, and his balls and cock are smooth and
shaven, while I am completely smooth all over. The tape starts up and the
setting is a weight room. Two guys walk in and start lifting weights. I
wait for the girl to pop in, but she never does. The guys are working out
and it keeps showing close-ups of their hard-ons in their
shorts. Eventually one guy pulls the other guy's shorts down and starts
giving him a blowjob. "You ever watch a porn like this, Tony?" Jeff
asks. "No," I respond. "You know the best blowjob I ever got was from a
guy," Jeff tells me. "Really?" I say. "Yeah, actually the best blowjob and
ass fucking," he says. On screen, the guy that was sucking cock is now
sitting down on it. "You know I think you're really hot, Tony. You've got a
great body and are sexy as hell." "I think you're attractive too, Jeff."
"You know when I watch these movies, I wish it was you and me doing all
these things," Jeff reveals. "Really?" is the only response I have at this
point, amazed at what's going on. "Yeah, I imagine your cute little mouth
on my cock and then fucking that tight little ass of yours. I've wanted to
do you for a long time." I look over at him; he's staring at me stroking
his long swollen rod. "You want to come over here and relax and just have
some fun?"
I don't even say anything; I stand up and walk over to him and sit
right beside him. He puts my hand on his cock. I wrap a hand partly around
it and begin to stroke it. "Yeahhhhhh...." he mutters. I move down to my
knees between his legs. I lean down and kiss his balls as I continue
stroking him. I kiss up his shaft and all round his head. Then I take my
hands off and very lightly and slowly run the tip of preteen bbs lolitas porn my tongue down his
shaft and around his balls, so lightly he can only feel the tingle from the
sensation. I can see his eyes close and squeeze together. I gently blow a
small stream of air over his hot pulsing tool. "Fuck..." he groans. I wrap
both hands around the base of his cock and stand it up, just licking the
pre-cum out of the top. I open my mouth, sticking his head, and then
wrapping my soft lips around it tightly and my nasty little lolitas suck and lick his mushroom
cap. I double-fist his shaft and stroke it slowly as I wildly tongue the
top end of his cock. "'re hot Tony." I move my hands lower and
open my mouth and throat and take as much of his cock down as I can and am
able get a good 8 inches in. I pull it out and push it back in. My fingers
are running around his big smooth balls as my mouth sucks down his large
piece of meat. "This is the best blowjob I've ever had" says Jeff. He puts
his hand on the back of my head, gently pushing my mouth on his cock. I get
hotter and hotter and keep sucking harder and more wildly.
Jeff pulls my head off his cock and stands up. Now that I am
eye-level with his dick, he puts his cockhead back at my mouth and pushes
his cock in. With his hand on my head, he starts to face fuck me while I
make my lips nice and tight. He pushes harder and harder until he is
completely down my throat. I'm trying not to gag as his meat pushes further
down my throat. I can also feel his balls hitting my chin. My mouth
stretched to capacity to accommodate this huge sausage. He pulls out and
rubs his cock all over my face, slapping free rape lolicon pics
it against my lips. He pulls my
jaw apart and his dick goes back to filling my mouth. He pumps some more
and then pulls out again and lies down on the floor. He says, "Come here
and get on top of me...I want your face at my cock and your ass at my
face." I comply and climb on top of him. I position my ass down by his face
and can feel his hands grabbing and squeezing my cheeks. I lean down and
resume sucking on his mancock. I feel my cheeks being spread and his tongue
entering, flicking my tightened hole. The sensation was more pleasurable
than I had expected. It made my cock harden even more and made me want to
suck his cock faster and harder. He ran his tongue up and down my crack,
making sure to pay special attention to that little opening. He pushed his
tongue in and started tongue fucking my ass. I was going nuts from this. I
pushed harder down on his cock forcing it in more and deep-throating his
huge tool. I could lolitas naked preteen net feel him lifting his hips to push his cock into my
mouth. I pushed my ass down more on his face to get more of his tongue in
me. I felt him bury his face in my ass, shaking it, and tonguing it
crazily. I pull his cock out and yell, "Fuck Jeff!"
He pulls his tongue out and sticks a finger in; I get lost in a
trance of lust. He barely squeezes another finger in. "Damn you're ass is
so damn tight!" he says. He fingers me some more and then pulls them
out. "Tony, will you sit on my cock, please? I've wanted to fuck your ass
for so long." I turn around and crouch with my ass inches above his cock. I
stand up his rod and he puts his hands at the bottom of my ass, spreading
my cheeks. I rub his head against my hole, turning me on. I slowly lower
myself on to him, feeling like I'm being impaled. I keep going until I'm
sitting completely on his cock. I've never felt anything like this; His
cock is so deep inside me and I am furiously turned on. I put my hands on
his chest and kind of lean forward. I start fucking his cock with my
ass. "Fuck! I knew your ass would be tight but damn!" His large, strong
hands squeezing my ass cheeks as my tight hole envelopes his meat. He flips
me over and holds my legs up towards my head and fucks me with his massive
tool. Both of us watching him pump me. I pull my legs further back and
stand my ass up. He stands up, holding my ankles, and lowers his cock in
and out of me. I feel empty every time he pulls out.
He stops and sits up on the couch; I follow and straddle him and
begin riding him again. His strong arms pulling me ass cheeks
stretched from his hands. "You're going to make me cum free preteen bbs lolita soon, Tony." I lean
in and start kissing his neck. "Go ahead and shoot it in my ass. I want to
feel it." "Fuuucccckkkinnngg hotttttttt....," he moans, "here it comes...."
I bounce harder on his cock, my arms around his neck, our chests close
together. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh...take it baby." I feel a warm sensation in my
stomach as his cock pumps an enormous load of cum in me. I make sure to
keep fucking his cock, "I want it all...I want all your juice from your hot
mancock." He continues shootin and finally collapses. I leave his cock in
my ass and lean against him. "That was awesome, Tony," Jeff says. "Yeah,
Jeff it was. You mind if I just stay here tonight?" I ask, smiling. "You
can stay as much as you want with an ass like that," Jeff answers,
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